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Archibald, Elizabeth; Putter, Ad (2009). The Cambridge Companion to the Arthurian Legend. Cambridge University Press. ISBN 978-0521860598. Queen was abducted by the Kings nephew Mordred. King Arthur had to attend a military campaign and handed over the charge to his nephew Mordred. He was desperate for power and wanted to satisfy this power hunger by taking over Great Britain. He thought he would achieve this by marrying Queen Guinevere and rule over Britain. Gwen’s mother was a maid in Sir Leon’s household and Gwen and Leon grew up together. Though they saw little of each other as adults, due to Leon being a knight and Gwen being a servant, she broke Leon out of prison and helped him escape Camelot when Morgana was queen. At dinner, Guinevere, the ten wounded knights, and Sir Lavaine assumed that Lancelot had simply ridden away alone on some errand, as he had done so many times before, taking Sir Lavaine’s horse after the slaying of his own. After dinner, Sir Lavaine organized litters for the transportation of the wounded knights and then escorted Queen Guinevere and the party to Westminster. On arrival, he explained to King Arthur how Meliagrance had accused the queen of treason and how he had demanded she be burnt. He told him Sir Lancelot had taken up the gauntlet of the accuser to defend Queen Guinevere.

Later, Lancelot and Guinevere found a chance to talk alone and so glad were they to see each other again they agreed on a tryst that night. At midnight, Lancelot would appear at the barred window of her chamber while all were asleep and in their beds. Abrams, Natalie (12 December 2016). "Legends of Tomorrow books The Originals alum". Entertainment Weekly.Thomas, Neil (2002). Diu Crône and the medieval Arthurian cycle. D.S. Brewer. ISBN 978-0-85991-636-3. In this story,Guinevere has been abducted and rescued, then accused of a crime and in danger of being burnt for adultery and treason. Lancelot has proven to be the strongest and most potent of her suitors, which is exactly what a goddess of sovereignty needs. As the personification of a goddess of sovereignty, her relationships with more than one powerful male should not be seen as sexual promiscuity or immoral behaviour but purely the human representative of the goddess fulfilling her role and purpose. The Post-Vulgate Cycle was Thomas Malory's primary source in writing Le Morte D'Arthur in 1469 CE. In Malory's version, Guinevere is the daughter of King Leodegrance of Camelerd who had served Arthur's father, Uther Pendragon, and still had the Round Table Uther had given him. She is betrothed to Arthur after he helps Leodegrance defeat a rival king but, for Arthur, the marriage is more than just a reward or seal on an alliance. In Chapter 18:1, Arthur first sees Guinevere and falls instantly in love with her. In 18:3, he tells Merlin he will have only Guinevere as his wife. Merlin warns him that she will not be faithful but will fall in love with a knight called Lancelot, and he with her, and they will betray him. Arthur tells Merlin how none of that matters and asks him to arrange the marriage. Leodegrance sends his daughter to Arthur's court along with the Round Table and 100 knights, and the wedding ceremony is as grand as any ever seen but Guinevere is silent throughout the entire proceeding.

Later writers such as Wace (c. 1110-1174 CE) and Layamon (c. late 12th/early 13th century CE) depict Guinevere as complicit in Mordred's coup, but theirs is the minority view, and most writers suggest she had no choice as she was abducted by Mordred along with the monarchy. The Welsh writer Caradoc of Lancarvan (12th century CE), a colleague of Geoffrey's, gives the first known story of Guinevere's abduction in his Life of Gildas (written c. 1136-1150 CE). Here she is taken by Lord Melvas, King of the Summer Land, and hidden away for over a year while Arthur searches for her. Once he finds her, he prepares to destroy Melvas' kingdom, but Gildas appears before hostilities begin and resolves the conflict peacefully: Guinevere is returned to Arthur and Melvas keeps his kingdom intact. As with Geoffrey, Caradoc gives no details on Guinevere's part in all of this. She remains a static figure with no personality or impact on the plot other than being Arthur's queen whom he must rescue. Chretien de Troyes & Marie de France In the 2016 television series Legends of Tomorrow episode " Camelot/3000", Guinevere is portrayed by Elyse Levesque. [55] In the episode, she is a knight who became queen because of her loyalty to Merlin. In response to Sara letting her know of her affection for Guinevere; Sara Lance felt attraction to her, and after Merlin, who was actually Stargirl, confessed her love to King Arthur, she and Sara shared a kiss. Years later, following the Grail Quest, Malory tells his readers that the pair started behaving carelessly in public, stating that "Launcelot began to resort unto the Queene Guinevere again and forget the promise and the perfection that he made in the Quest... and so they loved together more hotter than they did beforehand." They indulged in "privy draughts together" and behaved in such a way that "many in the court spoke of it." Guinevere is charged with adultery on three occasions, including once when she is also accused of sorcery. [46] Their now not-so secret affair is finally exposed by Guinevere's sworn enemy and Arthur's half-sister, the enchantress Morgan le Fay who had schemed against her on various occasions (sometimes being foiled in that by Lancelot, who had also defended Guinevere on many other occasions and performed assorted feats in her honour), and proven by two of the late King Lot's sons, Agravain and Mordred. Revealed as a betrayer of his king and friend, Lancelot kills several of Arthur's knights and escapes. Incited to defend honour, Arthur reluctantly sentences his wife to be burned at the stake. Knowing Lancelot and his family would try to stop the execution, the king sends many of his knights to defend the pyre, though Gawain refuses to participate. Lancelot arrives with his kinsmen and followers and rescues the queen. Gawain's unarmed brothers Gaheris and Gareth are killed in the battle (among others, including fellow Knights of the Round Aglovale, Segwarides and Tor, and originally also Gawain's third brother Agravain), sending Gawain into a rage so great that he pressures Arthur into a direct confrontation with Lancelot.

Sir Lancelot was at a loss what to do. Sir Meliagrance was right and he should spare him, but he had wanted to wreak revenge on him for his treatment of the Queen and also himself. Lancelot looked towards Guinevere, who slightly nodded and looked at him in a way that clearly showed she wanted her accuser dead. Lancelot then told Meliagrance to get up and resume the battle to the bitter end. However, Meliagrance refused, “I will not stand until you accept I have yielded and I will give you huge rewards for sparing me!” The following narrative is largely based on the Lancelot-Grail (Vulgate) prose cycle, telling the story of Lancelot and Guinevere in accordance to the courtly love conventions still popular in the early 13th-century France (Guinevere's role in this romance is Lancelot's "female lord", just as the Lady of the Lake is his "female master" [43]), however soon afterwards directly condemned as sinful in the Post-Vulgate Cycle retelling that also influenced Malory. When the mysterious White Knight (Lancelot) arrives from the continent, Guinevere is instantly smitten. The teenage Lancelot first joins the Queen's Knights to serve Guinevere after having been knighted by her. Following Lancelot's early rescue of Guinevere from Maleagant (in Le Morte d'Arthur this episode only happens much later on) and his admission into the Round Table, and with the Lady of the Lake's and Galehaut's assistance, the two then begin an escalating romantic affair that in the end will inadvertently lead to Arthur's fall.

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